In a past life, I was a fashionista working with the likes of Vogue, True Religion, Lexus, Kurt Geiger London and more; through my independently owned fashion blog, “The Urban Class Boutique” (later changed to SEE HERE: iStyleFashionBeauty.com).

That phase of my life last lasted for five years. I met various beautiful souls, kindred spirits and made significant connections. However, the more successful I became, the more miserable I was. There was no merit, value, substance or depth in my line of work. Without a doubt, I was incredibly blessed to be working for myself. I didn’t have a blueprint. There weren’t any mentors around. Doubt, fear, odd stares, resistance, opposition and lack of support met me. I literally winged it (don’t ever do this). I was doing my best; God was truly doing the rest.

In the beginning, the sole purpose of my blog was to serve as a platform connecting independent designers to major media outlets and creating brand partnerships/sponsorships.

After, unexpectedly working for free on a few occasions. I realized working with brands was costing me to sacrifice my personal time and labor. From that moment forward, I begun earning income from the original content and traffic on my blog. At one time I had fourteen streams of income from blogging. I experimented with fashion and jewelry design, the end result? My jewelry landed in the gift bags of the 2012 Emmy’s attendees and my clothing in boutiques around the globe. Also, my handmade pieces were highlights of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week streetwear.

Yet, it wasn’t enough. I was stressed, literally losing sleep because I knew I wasn’t making a real contribution to the world.

During that time period, people from different backgrounds, begun to seek my help for their businesses. Initially, my consultations were free. I didn’t exactly realize what I was doing. I didn’t know people were paid for the advice I freely gave away. I would research the answers, that weren’t readily at my disposal.

My friends and family reaching out simultaneously connected the missing pieces to the puzzle. I enjoyed consulting, which is why it never felt like work. I was helping people get out of their dreams by recognizing their God given gifts-which led to financial stability for my clients.


This was a far cry from how I spent my youth. As a self-taught graphic designer at age ten. My appreciation for creativity, art and self expression was always present.
As a pre-teen, my poetry was published in the book, Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, the perfect transition for me to become a motivational speaker. This earned me paid speaking engagements at graduations, banquets, and various events.

At age 16, I attended the prestigious Cal Arts University’s California State Summer School for the Arts, after being a life-long thespian reciting monologues before I could walk. Upon acceptance into the school I broke a record for being the first person accepted for both their Creative Writing and Theatre programs-I chose theatre. I was awarded the Governor’s medallion, which is the highest distinction in California for artistically talented students.

By age 17, I had combined my love for theatre, poetry and writing into spoken word. Which landed me a spot on the Baton Rouge All City Teen Poetry Slam team.

As I settled into adulthood before transitioning into fashion I worked in Corporate America for four years. I learned the importance of a valuable skill set shaping my life as an entrepreneur with public relations, customer service and sales. I’ve earned and trained staffs on how to earn five and six figures as a top sales representative for AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and more.

What you can expect from me is guidance, accountability, support and the tools and resources necessary to ensure your success. What I learned by trial and error, you will have my expertise to guide you. Saving you money, while you avoid growing pains as you leverage your time. Yet, certain things you will only learn by experience.
My super power is helping millennials monetize and publicize their gifts. Building brands, one millennials at a time.


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