Spring Equinox

Spring is the pivotal time to master the art of transition. Spring Equinox is the masculine of the two Equinoxes that occur twice a year. Our feminine equinox is during Winter Solstice. Equinoxes take place when the hours of light and dark are equal. Duality is mastering your yin (dark, feminine) and yang (light, masculine) energies. Honing in on the balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine energy polarities within ourselves. Nothing can exist without its opposite.

You can’t spring ahead without reaching deep down in your dark soil (insert dark night of the soul) to tug, pluck and uproot any weeds of hurts, trauma, pain, insecurities, anxieties, failures and wrongdoings. Purge your temple of toxins. Cleanse your psyche of outdated customs, traditions and ideologies which you have outgrown. What propelled your growth last season will not sustain you in the next. You have to plow stagnant energy to bloom in complete synergy with your new spirit!

God can’t plant new seeds on contaminated soil.

He will fertilize a harvest elsewhere. Don’t take my word for it, merely reflect. Think about how many times you’ve had a great idea for a business product or service. But you allowed fear to paralyze and debilitate your faith. Being entangled in defeat stopped you from pursuing your dream. You killed the idea before the thought could even come to fruition. You didn’t act on it, only to discover someone has taken your idea and put it to good use.

I urge you to plow! Blossom into your healing. Rebirth, renewal and complete rejuvenation await you. Happy Spring Equinox!

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