There are 8 dimensions of wellness.

The key to Operation Love Thyself, is excelling in the eight dimensions of wellness:

  1. Physical: Mantra: Your Body Is A Reflection of How You Think Of Yourself
  2. Social: Mantra: You Are Judged By Your Actions, Not Your Intentions
  3. Emotional: Using Your Intuition to Decipher Fact from Fiction, Mantra: Your perception, is your reality.
  4. Environmental: Energy, Frequency and Vibration, Mantra: You Attract What You Are
  5. Spiritual: Aligning Your Mind, Body and Soul, Mantra: You Are One with the Divine
  6. Financial: Money Matters: You Get, What You Give
  7. Intellectual: Mastering the Mindset, Mantra: You possess, what you confess.
  8. Occupational:Identifying your Purpose: Many Are Called But You Are Chosen

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