Imagine being invited to perform at Madison Square Garden and the venue is sold out, maxed to capacity! Alas, you still go out and give it your all- every ounce of blood, sweat and tears at the very core of your being. As your show comes to a close and you go to take a bow, you stare out into the crowd only to discover that there isn’t any one there but you. Without proper representation, that’s essentially what is happening! Your brand is useless if no one knows it exists.

It’s this concept, which birthed my consulting firm for millennial entrepreneurs: Métier Sophisticate

No two entrepreneurs are the same, thus, the reason we have created original products and services that anticipate your needs. We factor in various components: personality types, learning styles, influencer styles: (mastermind, consultant, blogger, creative), niche style and more!

Why millennials might you ask? As you know, representation matters.

According to data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, reported by the NY Times:

“Millennials are the most educated generation but the largest unemployed, underpaid and underrepresented”.

Millennials innovate trends that drive pop culture and dominate social media through art, style and entertainment; only to have those ideas exploited by the masses. Leaving the creators without any compensation, credit, praise or recognition.

Our aim is to cultivate the ideas created by millennials, giving a voice to an innovator whose influence and impact is otherwise forgotten. With our branding, strategic marketing, and connections we use our expertise to bring your vision to fruition, assuring that you’re no longer ignored, misrepresented and financially vulnerable.

Not only do we specialize in social media marketing and activism, but also we cater to creative development as well as business consulting, image management, branding, event planning and lifestyle management.

We produce buzz-worthy media and press coverage, increase your brand visibility, solidify your unique value proposition; gain traction and ignite the competitive edge you need to dominate your market-all at fair pricing.

The Métier Sophisticate can be found fighting the good fight both digitally and face to face. Whether we have strategically orchestrated a social media campaign that brings global awareness to social injustice, healing the wounds of your soul at a spoken word event or even feeding your psyche by curating a discussion panel at your favorite art gallery. We make it a priority to be present wherever our gifts are called to.

Make an impact with your influence by collaborating with Métier Sophisticate.

Aren’t you FED UP with putting more money into your business than you’re getting out of it?

Or EVEN WORST, doing busy work like posting to social media day and night with the hope of building a HUGE following only to find yourself with more lurkers than followers, social media anxiety from watching the success of your peers. Now, you’re envious, stressed and depressed, burnt-out, broke, busted and disgusted from dizzyingly going in circles without any customers, let alone without any repeat solid business. 

Believe it or not. We have all been there. Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. For most of us, there is no blueprint to following your dreams. 

With that, being said having an experienced, trusted and knowledgable ALLY to help guide in the process is worth more than gold. 

What’s Included:

  1. Access to al the privilege courses
  2. Access to the private facebook group to exchange with fellow entrepreneurs
  3. Access to the weekly exclusive webinars
  4. Email support to answer your questions

I meet you where you are, to elevate you to where you’re destined to go. I have made it my life’s mission to help under-served professionals with the appropriate resources to obtain financial assistance to launch and sustain their businesses.



  • You want to start and grow your own business
  • You’re super motivated
  • You want some guidance to do it right the first time
  • You want to benefit from the experience of fellow entrepreneurs that made it

Then YES it’s definitely MADE FOR YOU!!

What you can expect from me is guidance, accountability, support and the tools and resources necessary to ensure your success. What I learned by trial and error, you will have my expertise to guide you.

Saving you money, while you avoid growing pains as you leverage your time. Yet, certain things you will only learn by experience.

Ready to start? Then fill this form and join me on this adventure!

See you on the other side!

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