Sagittarius Blue “Betrayer” Moon

May 21, 2016

Greetings earthlings!

Today, the full blue moon is in Sagittarius. Why are we coining it a “blue moon,” versus a #fullmoon or #newmoon might you ask? The rare occurrence of having two full moons is what prompted the name. Sorry to disappoint but the moon won’t literally be blue, lol. Back in the day, the #BlueMoon was called “Belewe” which means to betray, translating to the “Betrayer Moon.” Monthly moon phases were used to help people prepare for various weather & crop rotations, so having a second moon confused people. Hence, the name “Betrayer Moon.” Blue Moons are quite a rare phenomena. Our next Blue Moon won’t be until January 2018.

When Mercury goes direct with his crash landing, it would be in #Sagittarius

Let’s get into these Full Moon intentions shall we (Birdman hand rub)…since you made it through to the last day of #MercuryRetrograde, put some RESPECK on your ✨ manifestations.

For the next 48 hours:


  • Set your intentions: Declare your manifestations by thought, motive, prayer, written & spoken affirmation. When Sagittarius is listening to their inner mystic, and quieting their inner skeptic they can be one of the most luckiest signs. Tap into the archer energy to tap into manifesting your heart wildest dreams and deepest desires.


  • Embark on a new adventure: Let me see your booty do that yoga, try a foreign dish, travel to a new & unfamiliar place solo dolo. It would only be right with Sagittarius being the most adventurous sign of the zodiac.

  • Be a hermit or nah: Meditate with new crystals, soak in new bath salts, heighten your level of vibration with these new universal energies. Sagittarius are always on the go, they hate to slow down because it makes them feel unproductive (SIDE NOTE: Majority of my Sag clients won’t meditate no matter how bad they need to, phobia of being over consumed by their feelings they’ve been suppressing. )

Today is the first day of Gemini Season , ☯ Gemini & Sagittarius are opposite signs. You might feel a tug a war with your masculine & feminine energies. Balance is critical understanding polarity is what you’re striving for. After all, ultimately duality is the goal.

Avoid double-talk, double-mindedness, revealing too much too soon & over brain stimulation.

WARNING- No Sagittarius bluntness. Keep it on an honest, direct and strict need to know basis only.Yet, think before you speak.

You can’t mention Sagittarius and fail to mention sex. Sexual exploration & experimentation is a huge part of the Sagittarius identity. I’ve been celibate for two years sex isn’t my focus. I suggest reading a book on #Tantra & #Kundalini.But you didn’t hear that from me ;-).

Lastly, do your best & let God do the rest. Laugh, love & happy manifesting.

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