Event Management

The goal is simple; to offer you personalized, luxe service while creating the experience you deserve. With the right assistance and resources, you’ll be ready to breakthrough and dominate your event. Allow us to plan, organize, and inform while you create, socialize, and influence!


We treat our partnership companies as clients. Expansive when taking into account your assets and opportunities. This benefits all participants – providing access to highly targeted corporations that would otherwise be off the radar for small businesses.


We use sponsorships to help build goodwill and brand recognition for our clients by associating with an event or group. Examining sponsorship opportunities to find those that reach target groups, fit within a specified budget and provide sponsorship benefits that suit the clients’s objectives. Resulting in cross consumer data, exposure opportunities, and much more.

Public Speaking

Public speaking engagements remain one of the bases of a carefully crafted public relations campaign. Not only do they allow you to demonstrate your expertise and prominently represent an event; provides a promotional vehicle that can translate into increased sales, potential partnership opportunities, and more significant media exposure.

Media Placement

As a public relations expert, my ideal goal is to establish media exposure for the talent. There are no one size fits all methods to securing coverage. As an expert, it is my job to increase visibility by determining which platform best aligns with my client's brand message connecting them to their target audience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing helps brands connect with new audiences, build credibility and trust, amplify their brand message, generate leads, and boost sales. The direct line that your partners have with their followers lets you break through and make a deeper impact.

Product Placement

We present Product placements in such a way that will generate positive feelings towards the advertised brand and are implemented, mentioned, or discussed through the program. This enables the audience to develop a stronger connection with the brand and provides justification for their purchase decision.

SEO Ranking

What better place, than social media to identify, connect and develop a relationship with your target audience? Implementing my social media strategies will help you solidify your unique value proposition; gain traction and ignite the competitive edge you need to dominate your market.​

Brand Visibility

Branding is a critical component to leaving an imprint in the consumer’s mind. A strong, signature style, which attracts and maintains your customer base. I’ll help capitalize on your consumer audience by establishing a recognizable brand identity, messaging and fluidity.