RECORDED Gumbo File: Astrology Natal Chart Reading

So, you’ve got a taste for healing? You’ve come to the right place, I’ve brewed this astrology reading up just for you. What sets this astrology birth chart apart from all the others? Not only is this report wholly customized and written with your higher self in mind. Unlike other astrology reports on the market, this report isn’t computer-generated. That’s right; no GMO-these herbs are fresh from your sacred garden.

To help you further understand your astrological birth chart I use a three-part puzzle. In this analogy, life is like a box chocolate-psych your life is a bowl of gumbo. Blame it on me being a Cali girl with Bayou roots, but I just love me some gumbo.

Your Birth Chart=Your Gumbo Recipe

The three main parts:
Planets: What’s in your gumbo?
Your planets represent signature patterns and behaviors of your personality.

For example…

Chiron: Your Secret Ingredient
North Node: You need more of this seasoning
South Node: You need less of this seasoning

In gumbo bowl, planets represent the ingredients.

Zodiac Signs: How Do You Taste?
At the time of your birth, there were specific placements of the planets in the sky. Zodiac signs alter the planets, adding their own characteristics and personas.

The zodiac signs influence how your gumbo taste.

Houses: The Areas of Your Life “Step by Step.”

The 12 houses on the astrology wheel represent different dimensions of wellness: love, money, family, friendship, career, etc. The house follows the chronological order of the zodiac, to their corresponding zodiac sign. For example, Aries are the zodiac first sign. Therefore, Aries rule the first house of first impressions, ego and creative expression. Aquarius is the eleventh sign ruling the eleventh house of friendship, technology, and communication. See the pattern? The planets are the flavors of the houses, surrounding the Sun as they travel through the zodiac.

The houses are the “instructions for your gumbo recipe” where the time spent on each step determines how your overall recipe will taste.

Decan: There are three decans for each zodiac sign. Depending on the date of your birthday during your sign’s season, will determine your decan.

Your decan is your Gumbo type: Seafood, Chicken, and Sauage, or Gumbo Herbs.

Finally, you will have the recipe for your lives: past, future, and present. Healing isn’t a destination, its a journey. So, why would your astrology natal reading be any different? Let’s dive into shadow healing by finding out what’s in your gumbo.

How do you spice up your gumbo with your sacred life force?

How we keep your gumbo from going bad?

How do we package your gumbo to make that daily bread?

What ingredients were passed down from your ancestors?

What secret ingredient did God-gift you with to cook in this life?

What nutrients does ONLY your gumbo provide?

Grab a spoon as dive in deep into your Akashic records for a taste of healing.


Only $155.55

  • Turnaround Time: 7-21 business days
    Lifetime Access
  • A recorded MP3/MP4 session of me analyzing your natal chart
  • Areas of growth and healing: Love, Sex, Money, Career, Healing, Ancestral Support and Guidance, Family+Inner Child Healing, Past Life, Spirituality, Communication, Life Purpose and Soul Mission, And More


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