Prosperous Protection Oil

I consecrated this oil with SPECIFIC INTENTIONS under the Capricorn Full Moon eclipse channeling the ABUNDANT ENERGY of my Capricorn stellium (the sign of business, public achievement, ceo status and money) from my second house!

In astrology, the second house focuses on money, stability, income, values, security, and our financial portfolio . Also, material possessions, work ethic, habits, and priorities. By having a Capricorn stellium in my second house, let’s just say I know how to alchemize my big boss bxtch energy into currency 🤑🤑🤑 to manifest money for the collective.

Testimonials include but aren’t limited to:
🌻 $50,000 Settlements
🌻 $9,250 checks
🌻 $2,500 checks
🌻 $1900 checks
🌻 $500 checks
🌻 $300 check
🌻 Stimulus Checks
🌻 Unemployment Deposits
🌻 Sold Out Inventories
🌻 Booked Readings
🌻 Bulk Orders
🌻 Curb Morning Sickness
🌻 Removed Evil Spirits from Home
🌻 Business Deals
(Trucking, Real Estats, Cannabis, etc.)
🌻 Anxiety Free

Size: 2 Oz.

Only $55.55

My Prosperous Protection oil can be used for:

  • Shields Your Auric Fields From Energy Vampires 🧛‍♂️
  • Blessing and Cleansing Your Home 🏡
  • New and Full Moon Intentions 🌬
  • Spiritual Baths and Showers 🛀🏾
  • Petitions for Court Cases ⚖️
  • Money Manifestation🤑
  • Daily Perfume Wear ⚱️
  • Ancestor Veneration🏺
  • Protection Rituals 🧿
  • Dressing Candles 🕯
  • And More!


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