Cupid’s Arrow Compatibility Report

The course of a spiritual marriage has a greater spiritual significance that once we were led to believe. For clarity about any which subconscious, generational, ancestral and karmic energy is affecting the dynamic between you and your soul mate, twin flame or spouse.

A synastry chart compares and contrasts the planets in your chart and your divine lover. A composite chart averages out your two charts using a “midpoint method.” It creates a single, blended chart that reveals the essence of your relationship. A composite chart treats your relationship as if it was its own entity or a third “person” (which in many ways is true!)

Benefits of Booking A Synastry Chart and Composite Chart reading:

  • A natal chart for your relationship
  • To clears karmic energy that interfers with your relationship
  • Provides a glimpse into the Akashic records to modify soul contracts
  • Identifies areas of growth in the astrological and numerological charts
  • Solidifies love language based on Venus and Mars placement
  • Pinpoints union ultimate soul’s purpose: soul mate, twin flame or spouse

Only $255.55

  • Up to 2 hours or more of audio recording.
  • 1,500+ Words
  • Lifetime Access
  • Numerology Forecast
  • 10-14 Day Business Day Turn Around Time
  • Unlimited Downloads: Mobile Reading Friendly
  • Areas of growth and healing: Love, Sex, Money, Healing, Family, Inner Child Healing, Past Life, Communication, And, More


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