Astrodisiacs: Cupid’s Crescendo Soap

Cupid’s Crescendo is made with the richest elements of self-love, heightening your vibration to attract the love of your life, conjure the sensual pleasure of your wildest fantasies and places you in the frequency of The Venusian lure to manifest money with effortless ease.

Already born on Valentine’s Day I possess sufficient passionate energy, yet I channeled my Taurus Stellium in the seventh house of love, marriage and partnership. Taurus is the zodiac sign of love, wealth, pleasure and stimulating the senses. I consecrated this sacred water under the Taurus New Moon and Season stellium (sun, moon, venue, mercury) to amplify the sweetness of Oshun’s essence in the potion.

My Cupid’s Crescendo Soap can be used for:

  • Attracting Love ❤️  and Amplifying Self-Love 🌹
  • Blessing and Cleansing Your Home 🏡
  • New Intentions 🌬
  • Spiritual Baths and Showers 🛀🏾
  • Money Manifestation🤑
  • Daily Perfume Wear ⚱️
  • Ancestor Veneration🏺
  • Love Rituals 💦
  • Dressing Candles 🕯
  • Money Rituals 💸
  • And More!

Only $35.55

  • All Natural Ingredients: Honey Based
  • Organic Dyes & Pigments 
  • Moon Charged
  • Essential Oils
  • Master Reiki Infused
  • Hand Poured
  • Hand Picked Flowers
  • 3.15 x 2.2 x 2 inch, Capacity: 3.5 oz


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