Crystallized Clarity Readings

The purpose of this reading is to provide an understanding of cosmic influences affecting your life that have gone unnoticed. The clarity gained will give you a focal point when tapping into your intuition regarding the issue at hand.

During planetary Retrogrades the planet(s) in Retrograde moves backward passing the earth’s orbit. Retrogrades are best spent reexamining yourself internally and reflecting your findings externally. Retrograde Season is an opportune time to tap into your feminine energies (intuition, receiving, creativity, manifestation) to maneuver through your masculine energies (logic, dutiful, self-reliance and taking action). Rely on your intuition instead of solely logic, as cosmic forces are influencing the outcome. Instead of launching any new projects its better to tie up any loose ends from existing ones. After all, the greatest project you will ever work on is YOU. God uses the universe to force you to slow down and re-examine these areas for growth and learn the lessons you’ve missed. Currently, we have six planets in Retrograde.

During Retrograde(s) Opt For This Over That

Nature > Technology
Staycation> Travel
Intuition > Logic
Reconsider> Acting Impulsively
Being Still> Moving
Current Love Interest > Your Ex
Revise Contract > Signing New Contracts
Being Present > Living in the Future (ahem Aquarius)!

During a Retrograde Season Reading, I will pull unlimited cards and you can ask as many questions as your one-hour time session allows.

  • Cards from the Planes deck
  • Cards from the House deck
  • Cards from the Zodiac Sign deck.
  • Cards from the Tarotdeck.

The Planet cards represents the part of your personality engaged in the question or issue, the part of you that is activated or affected.

The Zodiac sign cards represent the universal energy that colors the question or issue, the influence around you, or the general feeling around the matter.

The House cards represent the area of your life affected by the question or issue, the sphere of your life the matter is playing out in.

The tarot cards serve as a vessel while I connect as a channeled medium between your subconscious mind and your spiritual guides.

Only $155.55

The schedule turnarounf time 7-21 business days excluding holidays and weekends.


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