Astrodisiacs Secure the Bag Strategy Session

Scared money don’t make none. Let’s assess the money placements in your birth chart, we will address themes such as poverty consciousness, being in survival mode,  igniting creative and organic ways to amplify your revenue using your energetic blueprint.

During a “Secure The Bag” Reading, we will be:

💰 Pinpointing financial opportunities based off of your astrology, Human Design or business’s birth chart

💰 Identity multiple ways to profit from your purpose

💰 Create a money mantra that’ll aid in the manifestation of your inherent success

💰 A custom six figure formula business model strategy for passive income you can begin implementing immediately

💰 Make money naturally based on your gifts and abilities, eliminating stress, anxiety, fear, doubt and imposter syndrome

💰 Profit from your purpose and passion projects

💰 Begin making money ASAP

💰  A custom money mantra


Only $155.55

You will receive an audio recording in a Google Drive folder of your reading in 7-10 business days or sooner.


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