Ophiuchus New Moon, Neptune Rx

It’s a magical day anytime I see Master Number 11, 7 times in one hour.

In numerology 1 represents the power of God, deliberate creation, intentional action-oriented behavior and physical manifestation, magnified 11 times by the Master Teacher 11.

The New Moon feels are at an all time high as the moon is still in Ophiuchus. An ideal time to transmute your pain into miracles creating alchemy.

Ophiuchus is 13th zodiac sign on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. People born under this sign possess both characteristics of Scorpio and Sagittarius simultaneously. Ophiuchus was banned from astrology by the elite because those born under this zodiac sign were too gifted with natural prophetic insight and hidden knowledge. After appearing back in the sky during the 2012 Mayans End of the World Prophecy, this sign nor its wisdom can not be contained anymore.
Also, Neptune goes direct after being retrograde in Pisces for six months the sign of daydreaming, metaphysics, deception and fantasy. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces therefore with Neptune being retrograde any blindspots within your subconscious have been revealed. Shining a light on any parts of you where you’ve been exhibiting the negative Piscean tendencies: victimization, martyr-complex, lethargy, self-pity, & delusion.

Today is a day of heighten intuition and instant creative manifestation. Any disillusionment will be revealed under the moon of Ophiuchus, as we are on the last cusp days of Scorpio Season. Any area of your life where you’ve been wearing rose colored glasses will be perceived accurately by your third eye. Anything or anyone that doesn’t serve your highest good, release it. No need to harbor stagnant frequencies in your vortex for when you allow these lower vibrational energies to occupy space in your life, they block the blessings you’re meant to align with. Get rid of the old debris to fully embrace the newness that awaits you.

Art: Neptune, tag artist if known.

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