Libra Full Moon Smoothie Recipe + Reading

Libra Full Moon Smoothie Recipe

  • Soy Milk (allergic to coconut and almonds)
  • Blackberries (Crown Chakra)
  • Blueberries (Third Eye & Throat Chakra)
  • Kiwi (Heart Chakra)
  • Banana (Solar Plexus)
  • Peach (Sacral Chakra)
  • Mango (Sacral Chakra)
  • Strawberries (Root chakra)

Libra Full Moon Reading

The perfect recipe to detox any toxins within your chakra life-force energy system requiring cleansing. A digestive Reiki session so to speak.

During the full moon we are to release anything that no longer serve us.

This is the first full moon during the new ten year energy cycle. We are to balance yin (feminine: intuition, receptivity and creativity) and yang (action-oriented, passion and strategic planning) energy.

To thrive to your fullest potential let go of any belittling and debilitating thoughts you have about yourself and how you relate to other people in relationships, work spaces, collaborative initiatives and more.

Libra is ruled by Venus which is still in Retrograde in the sign of Pisces. You will find that the majority of your deepest wounds, fears and insecurities are a result of narratives you’ll subconsciously reiterating to yourself. Because we are still in Aries season you need to take action regarding how you perceive self-worth, value, beauty, financial status and ability to attract love. Libra and Aries are both cardinal signs. Cardinal signs take the lead in each dimension of wellness within their lives. Nobody will do this work for you. The sooner you realize life is happening for you, instead of to you. The easier it’ll be to LIVE. Libra and Aries are opposite of one another on the zodiac wheel, you might feel a push and pull energy over the next 48 hours. The airy Libra energy will ignite a spark of genius within your mind, but before you strike into action you’ll weigh the decision on Libra’s scales whether you should act or not. This is where the fiery, dominant Aries energy will help to push these ideas through to fruition.

Mercury the planet of communication, thinking and analysis is in retrograde in the sign of Taurus, who is also ruled by Venus. We are to assess our connection to feminine energy and how our lack of clarity and ability to operate in the divine masculine energy is contingent upon how we’ve neglected our inner feminine.

Let go of the narrative of hard work and hard work alone will be manifest your truest desires. During this 1(masculine)0(feminine) year energy cycle you will not be able to succeed off of hard work alone. That might’ve sustained you during the Pisces age of patriarchy but in the age of Aquarius you will be find success by surrendering to spirituality when you tap into your own divine feminine abilities. It’s the age of matriarch!

Suggested Crystals:
-Pyrite: Used to manifest business success, release any creative and writing blocks that you have and attract money).
-Rose Quartz: Libras are the sign of love and relationships. Rose Quartz is the crystal that manifest and attracts love, beauty and feminine energy into our lives; opening the heart chakra.
-Clear Quartz: To think clearly, while you’re intuitively channeling your crown chakra energy. Cleansing the aura, providing mental clarity, and cuts cords of dysfunctional energy from our etheric body.

5 Energy Day: Representing change, variety, adventure, passion and spontaneity!

After you’ve managed to cross hell and high water it would be negligent of you to allow your OWN thoughts to hold you back from victoriously living the life you desire. You’ve done the work, get out of your mind and become grounded in your body to experience your best life yet.


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