How to Rock the Red Lip in A Professional Way

The Red Lip for Stylish ProfessionalWouldn’t you like to rock the red lip in a professional setting, while keeping it classy and HOT without seductive or over the top?

Wearing a bright red lipstick color can draw lots of attention. It’s a powerful statement, yet its up to you to deliver.

As entrepreneurs sometimes we get a little daring and there is nothing wrong with that. We have to make sure we’re projecting the right message with each dare devil attempt. Speaking of the devil, the red lip can come across sending mixed messages. So, it is very important as a professional how to make this color work for your image, brand, and skin tone.

You must remember your image is everything.  Though we all have our very own style we still need to look professional and appropriate for every occasion. Lasting impression can either make or break your brand. Let’s choose the latter, shall we?

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Here are five tips for wearing red lipstick that keep you classy and professional; while being a definite show stopper.

1. Know the occasion. Red lips are not a everyday excursion, the color red can be a power color or a sex color. Please choose your red lip wisely.

2. Consider your outfit and make sure the red lip coordinates with your attire.

3. Pick the right shade for your skin tone. Women with darker skin opt for deeper reds or a matte look to serve high-class appeal. Women with paler skin tones should consider bright red’s to compliment their look with an elite pop. Women with tan skin tones should consider an in between red, a red that is not too bright but can still draw attention. Darker red lips tend to be a nice yet explosive look for tan skin. No one should ever go with the super glossy look, unless you are going for a slutty appeal :(.

4. Get the appropriate color for your lip shape. A more glossy finish makes your lips appear bigger. Know the look you’re going for.

5. Don’t make your face look like a Crayola experiment gone terribly wrong. Focus on one area on your face. If you’re going for a red lip that means the rest of your face should be natural. Don’t wear different eye colors, either a neutral or a soft brown or black smokey eye will do.

Which shade do you like best? Tell me in the comment section.


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