How to Prosper When Your Haters Won’t Let You Be Great…

So, you want to be great? Okay, go and do just that! Who are you to let people outside of YOU, stop YOU from doing keyword: YOU? If God gave you the okay, why would you let man(KIND) diminish a vision he’s given you the green light on? Yes, I said let because they can’t damper your progress and hold up your process without your consent. Essentially you are letting their influence hinder triumphs for a trial they didn’t withstand.

Which brings me to the various ways to prosper when haters won’t let you be great.

  1. They can’t pull you down if they can’t reach you. Elevation requires separation.
  2. KEEP CALM, work your plan without broadcasting your plan. Let your actions speak for you. Stop announcing and start doing!
  3. Stop seeking validation from anybody outside of God.
  4. Self Check: What kind of energy are you projecting that makes them feel comfortable enough to demean you in any capacity? We have to take accountability for what part of our lives we give others access to? Social media is not a diary, hire a life coach, write in a journal and keep moving! Vultures only surround things that are dead…

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