Gemini MOON During the Gemini Full Moon

When your moon sign is in Gemini, but you’re also an empath so you’re just having all the feels for the Gemini Full Moon. I am blessed today was highly productive but I was definitely on the introverted side of the Gemini spectrum. I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner; (baked salmon, bacon wrapped asparagus, and house potatoes) washed clothes, designed a website and juiced homemade ginger blackberry tea all before 12pm 😭😩😂.

My phone was on do not disturb majority of the day as I just needed to rest. After going live yesterday on Instagram Live with the astrology moon reading, travel bookings, a group reiki session, four meetings, and three phone conferences I made up for it today. Thankfully no rants aside from this one, my mind is actually quite balanced duality at its finest. I think it has a lot to do with last full moon releasing ceremony which was in Taurus during Scorpio season. I didn’t need to do one this time around. My energy is incredibly consistent. It only took four years but I made it, lol.

My crystals moonbathed all night between the moonlight and the rain my Supermoon meditation was everything I needed. I’m hoping to freeform write for the next 48 hours channeling all the Gemini energy from the full moon, implementing it to its fullest ability. My feminine creative juices are flowing I have some things to give birth to. How is the full moon treating you all? 👀✨☀️♒️🌑♊️💫♏️

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