Queens of Purpose“I struggled with taking the steps to move forward with my business because I did not know which steps to take and I believe that was one of my reasons of being fearful. Also not having a clear vision of the plan I needed to move forward. I had everything that I wanted to do but didn’t have a clear vision it was like so many things that I am gifted at but had no idea which one to focus on. Since Tamisha Monet started working with me I have found that I know what steps to take and have begun moving forward so that my vision comes to fruition. I have launched my website and also have stepped forward or up to networking with others and not taking for granted those relationship building opportunities. “-Dawneshia Wilson of “Queens of Purpose Ministries

chinaI struggled with my target audience and existing clients.I was tagged in an instagram post for a free fashion stylist workshop they were giving. I came in late on the webinar however,I begin to ask questions. I believe this was God doing his work.

In the past, I had reached out to other stylists, they weren’t helpful. Also, I was frustrated because I’m a properly trained wardrobe stylist. I am currently in my observational year for the apprenticeship program after graduation or TBA. I’d often wonder how other stylist were so successful and why weren’t I?

After I began working with Tamisha Monet, I was able to identify my target market,  charge the right prices. Now I understand there is a lot of money to made in my business, if I put my personal feelings aside such as pride and fear and ask for help. Also, I gained confidence I now know I am very talented.”-Chyna Hawkins of “Style Republik


“Before I started working with Tamisha Monet, I did not know how to facilitate a Webinar or tele seminars. It was causing me to drag my feet in pursuing my ministry for women. Since Tamisha Monet started working with me, I now know what software to best use to achieve my goals. As a result of my coaching, I am launching a web-based ministry. “-Shirle Perkins of L.I.L.Y. Ministries


latonyaBefore I started working with Tamisha Monet and her team at i Am Tamisha Monet Consulting, I was struggling with creating and implementing sale strategies.

Since Tamisha Monet started working with me I now know how to set weekly sales goals and how to break it down by what I need to sell and /or how many people I need to connect with to achieve those goals. Also, how to handle sales objections with confidence by adding value to my products.

misskiwiJust 10 minutes in I can tell you it’s worth way more than the money I spent. Thank you so much, Tamisha Monet. You’re awesome. Also, I’d like to book my session for next week , too. If people in the group don’t take advantage of this fabulous offer it’s just because they don’t have the mindset yet. But you can help them get there…

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