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Capricorn ♑️ New Moon 🌚

Tonight’s New Moon in Capricorn is the last new moon of 2016. New moons are for setting intentions.Full moons are for releasing things that don’t serve you. A new moon during its sun sign typically only happens once, sometimes twice a year.

Capricorn is the hardest working sign in all of the zodiac. Majority of the world’s CEOs are in fact Capricorn. As Cardinal signs Capricorn naturally leverage theirselves to be in positions of power, authority and leadership. Capricorn rule the realm of finance, career and business. If these are areas you want to expand in 2017 set intentions tonight to see results by Summer 2017 (new manifestations typically take six months to manifest. Since I set them monthly, mine typically manifest instantly-4 weeks).

What we love about Capricorn: Hard-working, loyal, leaders, down to earth, extremely generous, protective of their loved ones, wealthy, humorous (no one can make you laugh, quite like Capricorns can. With their tongue in cheek humor, we think they’re joking but majority of the time they’re serious. Which is where the hearty laughs often stem from).

What we dislike about Capricorn: Bossy, sneaky, can be snobbish, doesn’t respect boundaries, unemotional, intolerable of other people’s needs if it doesn’t fit their agenda, has no chill, King/Queen Petty.

  • Write out all of your goals for 2017: Sort them by quarter, month, week and lastly by the day.
  • Set up your financial portfolio: Research the best rates IRAs, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Begin purchasing property to add to your investment portfolio. Signup for life insurance.
  • Start a business, side hustle or create an additional stream of passive income to add to your existing streams (after all the average millionaire has seven streams of average? And you ain’t average are you? If so, too bad because Capricorns aren’t! So, channel their moon energy effectively).


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