Cancer New Moon, Chiron Patches Up the Wounded Healer


My Chiron is in Cancer. Chiron is a minor planet in our Outer Solar System, orbiting the Sun between Uranus and Saturn. Chiron is how we heal ourselves of childhood wounds, past live trauma, and spiritual wounds. Our very own shaman initiation into a path of healing. Named after the centaur Greek mythical healer and teacher Chiron, who ironically couldn’t heal himself.

Being an empath, I was feeling all of the feels. I felt compelled to be near water. I didn’t have the energy to be around family and friends. I needed to retreat deep into myself to recharge. I ended up at the beach just like a crab. As a child, the beach was one of my favorite escapes. I hadn’t been to beach in over ten years.

My inner child was running wild. She was safe and free. Free to come out into the sunlight and out of her shell. This beach outing was the ultimate ode to honoring myself with an act of self-care.

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