Burning Bowl Ceremony: Full Moon Edition

Burning Bowl Full Moon Ceremony

-Full Moonlight (don’t worry if you can’t do it outside, as long as you hone in our the full moon energy within 48 hours).
-Black Pen

Every month we are blessed with two transformative moons. The full moon which is for releasing is always in the opposite sign of the current sun sign. The new moon which is for manifesting is always in the current sun sign. The perfect balance of creation and destruction, an ideal way to channel our yin and yang polarities.

Tonight’s Libra Pink Moon name is inspired by the Pink flowers that bloom during the sunrise and Pink sky that emerges during the sunset under this moon’s energy.

Please refer to my previous post on the Libra full moon for more details.

Full Moon releasing energies fade to ashes rather quickly so do not do this ceremony without a bowl of water present. Here are a few Libra spirited affirmations aligned with the energy of this Libra Full Moon. Intuitively write your own, if you feel the inclined to. However, if you’re in need of a reference point. Feel free to start with these. Write them down. Say them out loud and set them on fire.

I release any imbalanced thoughts.
I release under-activity or over-activity within my 7 chakras of divine masculine and divine feminine energies.
I release overthinking.
I release self-doubt and debilitating stagnant energy.
I release any over-stimulation in my crown chakra.
I release any mental disorders that keep my mind in an yo-yo paradigm.
I release any ill-perceived notions I have surrounding beauty.
I release the need to be right.
I release any self-inflicted negative programming.
I release co-dependent tendencies in relationships.
I release a lack of self-worth.
I release any subconscious inner dialogue that cause blockages, keeping me in lack, poverty, fear or debt.
I release the need to put others before myself.
I release people pleasing to the point of depletion.
I release any insecurities of being abandoned.
I release any fears I have being single.
I release any outdated narratives and phobias in partnerships.
I release my ego and God-complex.
I release manipulation and deceit.
I release any celestial beings, entities, spells, incantations, ancestral lines, and karmic attachments that bind me to these self-sabotaging behaviors.

Start Full Moon affirmations with “I release” denoucning any shadow behaviors of the zodiac sign the moon is in. Start New Moon affirmations with “I am” affirming any positive characteristics of the zodiac sign the moon is in.

Happy Libra Moon Loves!

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