August Astrology Forecast: Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Lion’s Gate Portal, Retrogrades and More

One the most amazing sources of evidence of our ancestors coming from the stars is the history of the Dogon Tribe of Africa. There are between 400,000 and 800,000 Dogon in a remote civilization in the central plateau region of Mali in Africa.

The Dogon culture is known for its detailed, meaningful art and tribal customs, but the Dogon are mostly known for their ancient, accurate cosmology and the legends of their ancestors from Sirius.

In order to understand what Lionsgate is all about, it is important to understand what the three cosmic players (Earth, Sun and Sirius) are all doing.

For the Lionsgate Portal to be activated, the Sun has to align with the star, Sirius which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun.

It is also interesting to note that this portal is at its peak on August 8 or 88. In numerology, 8 is also a powerful number that represents infinity, power, divine connection, karma, abundance, rebirth and higher realms.

The name Lion’s Gate stems from this portal opening during Leo Season. Sirius lines up directly with the pyramids of Giza. In Egypt, this is marked by abundance – the rising of the Nile river, to be exact.

Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, and is believed to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher Divine realms.

When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies intensify and Earth is able to receive “light energy” from both of these celestial bodies.

Our Sun is already warm and nourishing enough and delivers the energy of life, but imagine what happens when it combines its powers with Sirius.

Sirian light codes and downloads received during ten minute Lion’s Gate meditation: 

Divine Masculine: Divine masculine you are to honor the divine feminine manifestation in all of her glory not just externally. Take time to heal, nurture and honor your own divine feminine energy polarities within. The masculine archetype energy that has gotten you to this point will not sustain you for the next stage of ascension. Put your pride aside and accept her divinity. Balance accordingly…

Divine Feminine: You are to create a sacred space for the divine masculine to confide in you without you berating or belittling him even if you tried to warn, teach or help him the first time around. Tap into your own divine masculine source. Ask for what you require, instead of being angry and bitter when your needs are not fulfilled because you failed to articulate them.

Light Workers: You are to meditate outdoors daily for at least ten minutes. Also, meditate indoors before you go to sleep. Get in the habit of operating in a dualistic nature, aligning with the sun during his peak and the moon during hers.

Listen more, speak less you’re missing critical messages because you always feel the need to respond. Quiet your ego (minimal to no stimulants, electronics, etc.). To receive these light codes, you have to be present in your body and receptive in your spirit. We’re here as long as you’re responsive to our frequencies. There is no veil in the age of Aquarius. Teach and mentor the children, the star-seeds need guidance on this journey. Speaking of children the energy from this eclipse is bringing up karmic debris from as from back as 1999. Which is the last time, this eclipse took place. Therefore, inner-child healing work is needed, the energy is unresolved. Write a letter to your inner-child or meditate on their behalf, to put these matters to rest once and for all.

Tap into the energy of Leo and begin lightworking out loud. The 144,000 are being activated, but some of them are suffering in silence because they think they’re going crazy. Fuse the independent, innovative and rebellious energy of Aquarius with the brave, courageous and bold energy of Leo to get the job done. That’s what this New Moon in Aquarius Eclipse is all about, living your truth authentically and unapologetically. Lightwork might look different in the age of Aquarius. You will find yourself in professional settings such public relations, technology, entertainment, health, etc. doing lightwork.

Aquarius you have to lead the way. After all, you are an Aquarius in the age of Aquarius. Most of this is first-hand knowledge to you. Share it with enthusiasm, anyway. Don’t become a spiritual elitist, it turns people off and away. You will find you have Ophiuchus assigned to you. You might have met them already, if not they’re coming, so be patient and prepared. You are to guide them, build their confidence, and hone their gifts.

Focus on what you want; manifestation is an instant action for the alchemist at this time requiring affirmative, powerful mantras, meditating on positive thoughts, VISUALIZING the life you want to live.

You are to love more and judge less. It sounds cliche, but it’s the only way to heal the masses. Love them through their awakenings. You were once on their path. Do you remember how much of a challenge it was to go through the dark night of the soul journey? Be the ally; you wish you’d had during that crucial time.

Connect with your tribe and cultivate them. Aquarius is all about working in groups and collaboration.  Contribute to these sacred spaces don’t just use and take away from them.

Many of you set divine intentions during the twin flame Osiris/Isis Aquarius new moon on January 27th. If you are paying attention with all three eyes, you will see the miraculous manifestations during this eclipse season. Aquarius rules the third eye after all.

Twin Flames: If your twin flame is running, asleep or stuck in their 3D karmic patterns; you are free to love and build with a soulmate. You can no longer ignore your life purpose and soul mission because of their inability to surrender to their heart chakra awakening. Opt for peace on this journey.

The end of the Sirian Lion’s Gate meditation recap.

During planetary Retrogrades God uses the universe to force you to slow down and heal these areas for growth and learn the lessons you’ve missed. Currently, we have five planets in Retrograde, with the 6th on it’s way.

Uranus in retrograde: Aquarians ruling patient Uranus went into Retrograde on August 2nd in the warrior archetype of Aries. Uranus is the planet of abrupt change, dismantling structure and chaos. Think of the Tower card in tarot. Coupled with the dominant, bossy and bravado of Aries. It’s time to shake up the status quo, either you’re about this lightworking life, or you’re not. Due to the trying times, we’re living in you’re being forced to be all in or all out.

Mercury in retrograde: On August 12th, Mercury will go into retrograde in its dominant sign of Virgo (Mercury also rules Gemini). Mercury is the planet of speech, thinking, and travel. You will have to rethink your thought patterns, communication styles and how this impacts the way you navigate through your life’s journey.

Virgo solar eclipse: On August 21, 2017, the Virgo Solar eclipse will only be accessible for viewership in the United States. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo will shed light on anything hindering you from walking into your destiny. Surprisingly enough, more often than not subconsciously our lack of confidence and worrying about the judgment of others is the culprit. Our self-critic can be own our worst enemy. Virgo is the sign of healing and perfectionism. Turn that energy inward to heal yourself.

August Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse and Virgo Retrograde Astro-Card Readings by Zodiac Sign

Capricorn: You have to practice speaking to people in a respectful and supportive tone. You are a boss, but you’re not the boss. Watch how you’re handling your partners, whether this is in romantic relationships, family or business. You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Stop talking at them, talk to them. These are people, not items on your to do list. Treat them with care and consideration. You are working hard for them, and sometimes it goes unnoticed, and you feel unappreciated, but you’re the leader for a reason. Carry yourself as such.

Pisces: You have to become very centered and grounded regarding your feelings about your business and career. You have to do what brings you the most peace. That isn’t to say you need to quit your job without a proper plan and savings safety net in place. However, you know your purpose is greater than what you’ve been settling for. Make the appropriate transition into entrepreneurship.

Scorpio: You have to build your confidence as a high priestess. You are aware of your power to transform and rebirth yourself, but you tend to use this energy after you’ve suffered death and destruction. Start intentionally acting as the alchemist you are. Use your superpowers for good instead of revenge and possession.

Libra: You have to rethink your work life. Something is unsettling about your present work environment. Your work ethic is impeccable, but you aren’t stepping up as a leader. You’ve become content with just doing your job quietly, efficiently and going home. It’s time to put a plan in place to improve your work life for the better: find another place of employment or become an entrepreneur.

Sagittarius: You need to reexamine the thoughts you have surrounding money. You are way too talented and gifted to allow your psyche to be trapped in poverty consciousness. Saturn is still in retrograde in your sign (until December 2017). You’ve learned lessons about how to survive scarcity these last five months. Now, it’s time for you to start applying that wisdom favorably to attract the wealth, abundance, and prosperity you’re meant to manifest.

Leo: You need to spend more time allowing help from your friends. There are resources accessible to you within your circle, but you aren’t voicing your need for assistance out of pride and stubbornness. I want to hear you ROAR! God placed your tribe around you for a reason. King and Lioness of the jungle, you’re not the only one in the jungle. Connect and build with your pack.

Aries: You need to spend time nurturing your appearance. Have you been too tired to practice self-care lately? We know you’re about that action, but you have to tend to your needs too. People aren’t valuing you because you aren’t projecting your ability to prioritize and honor yourself. Love on yourself as you do others and that energy is reciprocated to you.

Taurus: You need to build your self-confidence about luck, attractiveness, and intelligence. The only reason you don’t have that man/woman, job, money, or divine opportunities is because you don’t believe you deserve it. There’s a part of you that feels unworthy of the very things you sincerely desire. I almost want to yell at you all because I’ve been giving this same message to Taureans for at least nine months now, even without pulling the cards. Nine months is enough time to give birth, birth yourself into the life you’re meant to live.

Aquarius: You need to transform your thoughts surrounding motherhood, marriage, and feminine energy. I’ve pulled this card for myself at least 7x in the past two months. Now, for this to show up in the reading. I know what I need to focus on as an Aquarius during the retrograde. To my other Aquarians out there. I know we value our independence fiercely. However, it is time to start thinking about the bigger picture. How can you merge your independence with motherhood and marriage? You don’t have to lose yourself in these roles. You can be just as unique, spontaneous and rebellious as you’ve always been. Instead of solely living the la vida loca with your friends, you now have extended your tribe more intimately. Any other time you’re up for the challenge this is the only thing you’ve been running away from.

Cancer- You need to learn how to heal. You want to be everything to everybody but yourself. There are things you haven’t addressed in your childhood that are now showing up in your adult life. If you don’t surrender to these traumas so you can release them indefinitely, you will never progress the way you’re meant to. Learn how to make being an empath work in your favor. The gift of being connected to everything is knowing how to withdraw and reject that which no longer serves you.

Virgo-You need to leap into your dreams. You desire to expand your horizon whether this is spiritual, academically or traveling around the globe. Take the necessary action to live your life and change the world. It’s not enough to nitpick about the flaws; you have to join the cause. The only thing holding you back is you! Being the perfectionist that you are, assuming it has to be the way you envisioned it in your mind. Leave room for God to perform miracles and he will.

Gemini-You need to create the relationship you wish existed. The only thing that’s kept you from being in the romantic relationship you desire is you’ve been operating from a place of fear. Who told you, you were unworthy? You have to change the narrative about how you feel and think about yourself. Being a Gemini, you are the epitome of light and dark energy. You’ve been allowing your pessimistic and cynical twin to take precedence over your more luminous, optimistic twin. You’re robbing yourself of romance, creativity, love and memorable experiences.

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