Aries Full (Harvest) Moon: Transitioning Into Your Higher Self

As we settle into the Age of Aquarius (spiritual awakening, shifting collective consciousness to 5th dimensional vibrations of unconditional love, the resurrection of the matriarch and living out your soul purpose) and leave behind the Piscean age (religious doctrines, patriarchal societal conditioning) the energy shifts and light code activations will be continuous. You will feel although you’re in a constant state of metamorphosis , never in complete formation failing to pivot into a state of stability, security and structure. No matter how hard you are trying.

Easy does it, be patient with yourself. The whole universe is transitioning. What would make you any different? As the world is in a constant upheaval, to sustain the pieces of yourself that are left and eliminate crash and burn-out. You will have to tap into your feminine energy. To get to the promised land we can not rely solely on our masculine energy as we always have, to keep from losing your mind. Self-care will not only be a necessity but must become a priority for your Phoenix to rise from the ashes of turmoil, chaos and confusion taking place right now.
You didn’t spend all of this time healing, and dismantling your shadow just to see the light without basking in its totality of your harvest.

Libra and Aries are opposite of one another on the zodiac wheel, you might feel a push and pull energy over the next 48 hours. The airy Libra season energy will ignite a spark of genius within your mind, but before you strike into action you’ll weigh the decision on Libra’s scales whether you should act or not. This is where the fiery, dominant Aries moon energy will help to push these ideas through to fruition.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign representing leadership, initiation, action and authority. As the first sign on the zodiac wheel Aries has three archetypes: The baby, the warrior and the ram.
To take your first steps out of infancy and actualize the manifestation of your divinity, you must become the warrior personification of your healed inner child ascending into your higher self with full force.

After destroying your own self-sabotaging tendencies of overthinking and insecurities; how will you cultivate this Aries energy into a solid foundation, for the sake of your own good?

Jupiter the planet of expansion, second chances, luck, and opportunity enters Scorpio on October 10th. Essentially what you’re willing to release now will make room for the physical manifestation of the opportunities during Jupiter’s transit.

Since full moons are for releasing. Here are my suggestions of releasing during tonight’s full moon by sign:

Aries-Release your need to always be right.
Taurus-Release your inner self critic.
Gemini-Release your need to prove people wrong.
Cancer-Release your lack of emotional responsibility.
Leo-Release your distraction of caring for others to neglect your self care.
Virgo-Release your desire to control your loved ones.
Libra-Release your need to avenge people whose done you wrong, especially in love.
Scorpio-Release your fear of failure.
Sagittarius-Release your attention seeking detrimental behavior.
Capricorn-Release your emotional unavailability.
Aquarius-Release your pride when addressing conflict. Cutting people off over your miscommunication. Find common ground.
Pisces-Release your captain save a hoe ways and then villianifying your Frankenstein creation thereafter.

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