Hey, I Am Tamisha Monet

Beach selfies…

In a past life, I was a fashionista working with mainstream fashion magazines and couture houses; through my independently owned fashion blog, “The Urban Class Boutique” (later changed to iStyle Fashion Beauty). In the beginning, the sole purpose of my blog was to serve as a platform connecting independent fashion designers and models of color to major media outlets creating brand partnerships/sponsorships.

I earned income from the original content and traffic on my blog via advertisement. After, unexpectedly working for free on a few occasions.

If I wanted to work for myself, full-time I needed a plan. I cracked the code by creating a formula. At one time I had 14 streams of income, from blogging alone.

That phase of my career lasted for four years. I met several beautiful souls, kindred spirits, made meaningful connections and the money was plentiful. However, the more successful I became, the more miserable I was.

I was losing sleep because I knew I wasn’t making a real contribution to the world.

There was no merit, value, substance or depth in my line of work. Without a doubt, I was incredibly blessed to be working for myself, but I didn’t have a blueprint.

There weren’t any mentors around. I was met with doubt, fear, odd stares, resistance, opposition and lack of support. I winged it. I was doing my best; God was truly doing the rest.

After experiencing my own dark night of the soul journey, I took time to heal. We have a tendency to focus on surviving without putting any energy into healing. Our trauma then becomes deeply submerged within our subconscious, never addressing the root cause of it, but merely putting band aids on the symptoms.

Once the fog cleared. I started to notice a trend amongst my classmates, business colleagues and complete strangers seeking my counsel for spiritual guidance and identifying their life’s purpose. My friends and family reaching out simultaneously connected the dots that were missing.

help people integrate their shadow self with their higher self by adhering to their ancestral calling. Pushing through any karmic and generational curses lying dormant in their ancestral line that could hinder their growth on the path of ascension.

Typically, this is done using Astrology to maximize the prosperity, love, healing, ancestry, destiny and career placements within your natal chart or life-altering cosmic transits, spiritual retreats, numerology life path readings, angel meditation and Reiki sessions to cleanse your aura field and re-align your chakras. This method is the most efficient because often we think external forces are working against us when we ourselves aren’t balanced within the eight dimensions of wellness; failing to master our yin and yang energetic polarities.

What you can expect from me is assistance, accountability, and the tools and resources necessary to ensure your success. What I learned by trial and error, you will have my expertise to guide you. Saving you thousands of dollars, growing pains, and helping you leverage your time.

Yet, certain things you will only learn by experience. You will only receive as much as you give, that’s not just in reference to my healing sessions but life in general.

Together, we will ignite the awakening of the divine feminine and masculine within you.

Professional Bio

Tamisha Monet likes to think of herself as a #CaliGirlWithBayouRoots as her matriarchal line begins in Louisiana. She an Oakland native but resides in the heart of New Orleans. She received her degree in Multimedia Communications from the Academy of Art University with a minor in Fashion Merchandising.

In the spirit realm, she is a life path 7 honoring the call God has placed on her life through astrology, reiki, numerology, wellness travel and, intuitive readings. She is a certified Astrologer, Master Reiki Practitioner and fully licensed Travel Agent/Tour Guide.

She received her life coaching certification from the reputable Tony Gaskins Life Coaching Program. Now, she’s changing lives daily in her career as a spiritual liaison; working within the collaboration of the divine feminine and divine masculine energetic polarities.

As an adolescent her poetry was published in the book, Anthropology of Poetry by Young Americans, the perfect transition for her to become a motivational speaker, speaking at graduations, weddings, and various events. She attended the prestigious Cal Arts University’s California State Summer School for the Arts. During her teenage years where she studied theatre; while breaking a record for being the first person accepted for both the Creative Writing and Theatre program- she chose theatre; she was awarded the Governor’s Medallion, the highest distinction in California for artistically talented students.

She is self-taught in STEM as a Full Stack Developer. Continuously honing her crafts through self-education. As a result, she has created strategic alliances with Google, Apple, filmed commercials with AT&T and other tech companies.

As a change agent advocating for community healing, she is the former Communications and IT Chair for Bay Area Urban League Young Professionals (BayAreaULYP) and a founding member. Committed to empowering lives and changing communities nationwide she has served as the Social Media Manager for National Urban League Young Professionals. She then was appointed by the National Urban League to serve as the President for the BayAreaULYP chapter.

As an adult, before transitioning into fashion, she worked in corporate America for four years before starting college at age 21. Where she learned the importance of a valuable skill set that would shape her life as an entrepreneur such as public relations, customer service, and sales. She has earned five and six figures as sales representatives for Comcast, Verizon and more. Affording the opportunity to come back to these same companies training their employees as a consultant.

In the blogosphere, she’s worked on digital campaigns with Vogue, Lexus, True Religion and more. She’s taken public relations courses from the best of the best from Crosby Noricks to Anje Collins.  Branding allows her to combine her passion of graphic, web design and marketing.

For leisure and pleasure, she can be found writing, reading, motivational speaking, performing spoken word, traveling, eating, visiting art galleries and museums, teaching black and brown youth how to code as a mentor, and studying all dynamics of metaphysics. Naturally, as a people person philanthropy is near and dear to her heart. Her style may capture the eye, but she strives to impact the world with her gift of writing and selflessly serving others through her healing practices.

‘Allowing your authentic spirit to vibrate from within will never go out of style’-Tamisha Monet