10 Ways To Survive Social Media Algorithm Changes

(In my Jhene Aiko voice) Change is inevitable, why hold on to what you have to let go of?

Do you remember the time Instagram changed their algorithm and the internet went ASAP Rocky. There were countless posts from brands demanding that you turn on their post notifications. Not a mere mention of offering better content to meet your needs. Just TURN ME ON, lol. (In My Keri Hilson voice) you’re turning me off!

What’s crazy is the change had secretly been in effect two weeks prior to the official launch date. Social networks are constantly changing, innovating and adjusting to fit the needs of their consumers and demand from their advertisers. If these platforms with millions of users can change to accomodate the needs of millions of users. I’m quite sure we’re more than compatible of doing tweaking the needs of followers. Learning how to scale as a small businesses is an important learning curve that you can master during your beginning stages.

Implementing these ten changes will help you dominate ANY social media algorithm change.

Valuable Content: Aside from providing phenomenal customer service and a one of a kind stellar experience-the best way to have a competitive advantage over your competitor is posting valuable content. Your content should have substance, be relevant and useful to your target audience.

Post Consistently: Posting consistently builds a rapport with your followers. Being consistent with your content gains your audience trust. They’ll begin to anticipate what you have to offer. If you host “Girl Boss Selfie Sundays” contest your followers will expect to see those submissions featured. You can add other content too. However, you should offer informative and solution based content that your audience can’t get from anyone else.

Niche Specific Content:  If your brand is health and wellness. I expect to see videos of you cooking your healthy recipes, tips for adjusting to dietary lifestyle changes, and affordable grocery tips. If there’s a certain food company, smoothie cup, workout clothes you recommend you should tag them in your caption. Also, tag them in yout picture and use their hashtag too.

Did you know? Posts with mentions in the caption have a 56% higher engagement rate?

Hashtags: Hashtags are more relevant that ever. One way to maintain your status without getting lost in the sauce is to create your own hashtags for your tribe and one for your brand. That way your posts will easily be found rather their post notifications are turned on or not. As well as use hashtags that relate to what you’re posting about. You can use up to twenty five hashtags in total.

Take Requests: Ask your followers what they would like to see and why or why not. You’d be surprised how often brands make the mistake of posting whatever they want without consulting with their followers to see if they even care about the topics at hand.

Be The Solution: Think before you post. Ask yourself: how will this information impact my followers? Will it help or hinder their social media experience?

Engage Vs Broadcast: I know you’ve seen the brands, consultants and socialites who make grand annoucements broadcasting their every move. Without engaging with your followers this comes off as bragging, self absorbed and out of touch. If you have a prominent industry event to go to. Ask your followers what you should wear. Find out if any of them are coming too. Discover if you can get any questions asked for him. Also, be sure to respond comments that are left on your page.

Did you know 50% of comments are left within the first six hours?

75% of comments are left within 48 hours. Be mindful of engaging with your followers on the weekend.

Tell A Story: Show and Tell! Photos Are For Show, Captions Are For Telling. Show Us Don’t Tell. As you know how the saying goes, if you don’t post it didn’t happen. Tell A Story with your videos and pictures.

Did you know? Adding a location results in 79% higher engagement rates

Solid Colors and Open backgrounds receive 17% more likes

Website/Blog: Have a permanent place for content outside of social media (app notifications, text blasts and email list), is critical to staying connected to your audience. As we’ve come to realize social networks will change their algorithm at anytime. You have to have a designated home for your tribe when this happens. Or worst your account gets deleted or hacked.

Turn On Post Notifications: Last but not least, yes you can tell your followers to turn on your post notifications it’s not what you do but how you do it. Ask and make recommendation. Don’t come off as a pushy carsalesmen.



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