Manifest, Mindset & Monetization

I teach my clients mindset monetization with self-care regimens using ancestral technology astrology, reiki, tarot and conjure.


A WERD From Tamisha Monet

Did you know it's scientifically proven that 95% of brain activity is that beyond our conscious awareness? Meaning your subconscious determines your conscious reality. Now, that’s enough to make you think twice, isn’t it? Today, create a new paradigm shift with your renewed frame of mind. Our thoughts create neural pathways based on what we feed our brain.

Power moves require powerful thoughts. If you don’t want something, don’t focus on it. Am I telling you to be blind, deaf, dumb, mute or naive? Of course not, God gave you your five senses for a reason, but not in the ways that you know them to be. Instead of touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell-think intuition, peace, foresight, trust, and empathy.

I'll teach you mindset monetization with self-care regimens using astrology, reiki and ancestral technology.

As a result:
-You will identify and alleviate distractions.
-You will attract the profit to create generational wealth.
-You will experience the joy of generational wellness.
-You will gain clarity and confidence by having a spiritual regimen tailored to your needs.
-You will maximize your lifestyle by aligning your thoughts with the frequency of that you desire.

Remember, a distraction is only a distraction, when you give it YOUR energy with a reaction.

“Where Attention Goes Energy Flows; Where Intention Goes Energy Flows!”― James Redfield

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  • Hey Mama! First off-YOUR OIL IS THAT BITCH. I used it for the first time today and simply prayed over myself and put it on me and girlllll. A bulk order for my oils was paid. But also, I found out that a deposit I paid for, a secret project I'm doing, was actually over the amount I had to pay. So I'll be getting a big chunk of my money which I did not expect!!! A Virgo's dream.

    Tatianna Tarot Tarot Diviner • Spiritist • Mama
  • These retrogrades in my chart and the love section just put mad shit in perspective about my relationships and motherhood. I also got a confirmation on something I was debating career-wise. I got read. Have to finish reading tomorrow and really break this down on the plane. Chile...Thanks again!

    Evita Robinson | NOMADness Travel Tribe Travel Expert and BOSS
  • I absolutely love Tamisha for the amazing reading she did for me last month! I had a cluttered mindset dealing with my finances, but the reading allowed me to see that it was my communication that was hindering me from going to the next level. I took results from the reading and applied them and literally instantly some major shifts occurred in my life. I highly recommend you get a reading with Tamisha! She is very much in tune with her spirit guides and I’ve never experienced something like this before!

    Talia Oliver | The Closet Ratchet Media Personality, Writer and Singer
  • “Tamisha Monet and her dream team came through and delivered. With only a day’s notice, they under promised and over delivered. Setting the ambiance for our VIP gifting suite for our corporate sponsors for the Bad Boy and the Family Reunion Tour. “

    Caroline Dias | Bad Boy Records Operations Manager
  • Tamisha, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our Unity program! You were incredibly engaging with the girls, and we appreciated how well you took the time to speak with the different groups individually to assist them. Alicia and I were impressed and feel as though you definitely shine as an educator!

    Mia Shaw | Techbridge Girls Program Coordinator
  • S/o to Tamisha for the Instagram Corporate Plug! I appreciate you helping me get the @businessrulesforwomen account fixed! That's major! ❤️Xoxo

    Gabrielle Deculus| Business Rules For Women CEO and EXPERT MARKETER
  • I just want to say thank you for coming into my life when you did. I was going through an emotional journey when you stepped in and offered your positive affirmations as a way to be grateful in times of struggle. If it wasn't't for your presence I don't think that I would've been able to get through mid-Sept-October. Thank you <3!

    L. Smith Special Needs Teacher and Community Activist

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