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In the beginning, the sole purpose of my blog was to serve as a platform connecting independent designers and models of color to major media outlets and creating brand partnerships/sponsorships.

Although, I was a Fashion major, I was told by a FIDM admission advisor I would never work for any major couture fashion houses. It simply wasn’t an option, especially with a name like Tamisha, a brand named The ‘Urban’ Class Boutique and being a size 16 (UPDATE: Three years ago, I committed to improving my health. I lost thirty pounds in thirty days. I’ve managed to keep the weight off ).

Imagine my surprise, when this notion not only proven to be a myth but they each sought ME out to work with ME! Talk about defying the odds of man(kind) and the limitations he’ll place upon you. God has the final say so. Who knew, that by adhering to his will he would open up doors that I never would’ve been able to walk-through, let alone be given access to?

That phase of my life last lasted for four years. I met several beautiful souls, kindred spirits and made meaningful connections. However, the more successful I became, the more miserable I was. There was no merit, value, substance or depth in my line of work. Without a doubt, I was incredibly blessed to be working for myself butI didn’t have a blueprint.

There weren’t any mentors around. I was met by doubt, fear, odd stares, resistance, opposition and lack of support. I winged it. I was doing my best; God was truly doing the rest.

I was earning income from the original content and traffic on my blog via advertisement. After, unexpectedly working for free on a few occasions. I experimented with fashion and jewelry design, the result? My jewelry landed in the bags of the 2012 Emmy’s attendees and my clothing in boutiques around the globe. Also, my handmade pieces were highlights of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week streetwear.

It wasn’t enough. Stressed-out, I was losing sleep because I knew I wasn’t making a real contribution to the world.

At the same time, people from all walks of life (students, instructors, entrepreneurs, young and old, purple and gold) begun to seek my help for their businesses. Initially, my consultations were free. I didn’t exactly realize what I was doing. I didn’t know people were paid for the advice I was willing, unselfishly, giving away for free. I would research the answers, which weren’t always readily at my disposal. I began to reflect on how this wasn’t an isolated incident. My classmates, colleagues, and complete strangers had started seeking my counsel. My friends and family were reaching out simultaneously connected the dots that were missing. I enjoyed consulting, which is why it never felt like work.

I was helping people get out of their dreams and secure their finances by adhering to their God-given purposes-while utilizing their gifts. While pushing through any obstacles lying dormant within them that could self-sabotage their potential.

By that time, I’d come to realize consulting was my true calling. The fashion industry was superficial and lonely. Yes, lonely! I didn’t know any women who looked like me, whom I could collaborate and lavish in those luxuries with. From there, I took Tony Gaskins Life Coaching certification course; I discovered business coaching was the form of coaching for me. Thankfully, the Lord heard my cry of misery and lack of direction and seen me through. If I could prevent others from making the same mistakes, why wouldn’t I? If I can provide the level of support I wished prayed, and hoped on a star existed…that’s what I’m going to do! You would think,”I Am Tamisha Monet” Consulting was next?

Almost! I met a distant cousin at a Christian family conference. Our business backgrounds were identical but instead of Fashion her vice was Beauty. It was a match made in heaven! Together, we created iStyle Fashion Beauty Society. A coaching and consulting service for fashion and beauty professionals. We were forces to be reckoned with beauty, brains, business-savvy, witty and hearts for the kingdom of Christ was surely the recipe for success, right? Not quite, it sounded great on paper, but when it was time to get down to the nitty, gritty. You know, put in work with your blood, sweat, and tears outside the glitz and glam. We had two totally different work ethics, which often resulted in us bumping heads and working separately.

After the failure of fully launching that venture, it was back to the drawing board for me. As a business owner, I traveled a lot. The majority of my clients and business partners reside various places worldwide. However, I always felt like there weren’t any travel agencies and advertisements that resonated with my colleagues and I.,

Which was crazy considering African Americans spend 48 billion dollars on travel annually.

Yet, only 2.6% of advertisement is catered to African Americans (SEE HERE: Nielsen Reporting).

This disparity didn’t discourage me in the least. Instead, it’s the very catalyst for how Metier Sophisticate Travel and Lifestyle Agency was born.

Outside of birthing this venture, I’d been dating who I presumed to be my twin flame who was actually my false flame. We triggered within one another growth that will last us for the duration of this incarnate, treading a thin line between love and hate.

The more I tried to penetrate his walls of resistance, the further he would run, and I chased him to the point of exhaustion where I became emotionally, spiritually, financially and mentally bankrupt.

Often creating a dynamic of the empath and the narcissist, even with the roles reversing from time and time. I read books; I attended seminars, I lost weight, I furthered my education, you name it. I had become so consumed within him that eventually, it led me back to my higher self.

I endured what I thought was a nervous breakdown. Essentially, it was the dismantling of all the societal programming and baggage of my ancestral genetic makeup. This karmic relationship lasted for nearly four years. Though, physically separated for the last two we hadn’t spiritually or emotionally cut the cords of our soul tie. It wasn’t solely in vain; I am a better woman because of it. After being broken down, I ventured through the journey of the dark night of the soul this ushered in the light that helped me rediscover who I was at my core. I begin having visions, dreams, premonitions, psychics abilities and a plethora of supernatural activity and experiencing paranormal phenomenon. These things I hadn’t experienced this severely since my childhood. This karmic attachment healed my inner child and reintroduced me to myself as the divine feminine. Naturally, I became an Astrologist and Master Reiki practitioner.

Although, those closest to me will tell you I’ve been doing astrology readings since I was a child and that I’ve always had “healing hands” relieving the afflicted of bad energy.

After taking time off to recuperate and rejuvenate my creative juices. During the past year, I solely focused on my personal development. I wanted to make sure my spiritual, mental, emotional, environmental, physical, financial, social, and entrepreneurial dimensions were sound and secure. How could I properly pour into others, what I lacked within the eight dimensions of wellness myself?

I learned a lot about myself not just as an entrepreneur but more importantly as a woman. Now, as a complete and whole being (who’s steadily evolving). I’m ready to coach, consult, and design-AGAIN!!!

A gift God gave me solely to share with the world, I am to help as many lightWERKERS possible-birth their God-given purposes by bringing their dreams to fruition.

What you can expect from me is assistance, accountability, and the tools and resources necessary to ensure your success. What I learned by trial and error, you will have my expertise to guide you. Saving you thousands of dollars, growing pains, and helping you leverage your time. Yet, certain things you will only learn by experience. You will only receive as much as you give, that’s not just with my healing sessions but life in general.

All of those sleepless nights, tearful days and years spent wandering through the wilderness are behind us. Us I say because many of you have traveled this journey with me, providing your endless love and support. While others have fallen by the wayside, when I turned away from the fashion public relations industry. Either way, I welcome you. I strive to give you my very best. Whether its business consulting, accountability life coaching, branding and marketing, astrology readings, reiki sessions or travel planning.

Together, we will ignite the awaken the divine feminine (or masculine) within you.

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